Monday, August 29, 2011

My Little Squirt's School Bin

Each of my children have school bins where their books and planners are kept. Makes it real handy to grab the bin and go find a place to work: desk, table, floor, etc. I usually let them choose, although I like to keep them in view so I can help them stay on task! :) 
Now My Little Squirt is no different just because he doesn't have schoolbooks yet...he has to have a school bin too! Instead of being filled with books, his bin is full of activity bags and other projects or manipulatives.

I was so excited to see how this would work that I got his bin ready a week early - go Mom!

I am doing Letter of the Week (LOTW) with him from Confessions of a Homeschooler. So, I marked some gallon zipper bags with the days of the week and filled them with about 4 activities each from LOTW.

Then I looked for other activities that would go with the Letter A. I grabbed some books with A in the title to add to his bin. I added some other activity bags, like
Alpha Beads, All Mixed Up and Clips and Straws (to make the letter A). I even threw in some letter blocks with an A on them (he'll have to show me which side has the A). And finally I added a box of Animal magnets. 

While I want to work with him on the activities in his bin each day, I still think he has several things that he can do on his own while I work with one of his sibs.  Or I can get him started on something and then let him go with it.

I also wanted to do some things that couldn't go in the an apple and animal crackers, make apple pie or apple sauce, sing a song, learn a verse, make our bodies into the letter A, etc. So, I made a little checklist for him and put that in the bin, too.

And yes, it all fits nicely into his bin - I was a bit amazed that it fit, too!

Did you notice the sticker chart on the bin lid? I picked these cuties up at Target. Each of my kiddos has one on their bin. My plan is to give them a sticker for each successful day of school. When they have filled their chart, they can hand it in for a prize from the Reward Box. This is new for us this year - and not ready yet, so I'll have to post picks later.

Well, that pretty much sums up my plan for a week of school with Little Squirt. Now let's hope I can stay a week ahead!

8 days and counting!
Happy Homeschooling!


  1. I like your idea. I thought of doing this with my kindergartener and prek kids before saw this blog. I did it with my kinder so far, but it is not a weekly thing. It is just filled with activities to work based off her kindergarten ruberic. We do it from time to time. It would make things easier to update weekly and use for my bigger kids when I am spending time with the toddlers.

    1. Thanks, Tammy! I love your idea of putting one together for the bigger kids when you're working with the younger ones.