Monday, May 14, 2012

Teacher Gifts for the End of the Year

Sometimes I really love buying gifts.  You know when you go shopping for a gift, but you're just not quite sure what you want to get.  And then suddenly, you're walking down the isle and a clever gift idea jumps out at you!  You stop and contemplate (and check the price), only to discover that you've really stumbled on to something pretty good.  That's what happened to me today!!!

I was out with my kiddos this afternoon look for teacher gifts.  (I know you're laughing right now and saying, "but I thought you were their teacher?"  The gifts were not for myself!)  My two oldest have been involved in some outside classes (ballet and drama) all year long, and I thought a small teacher gift was a nice way to end a very nice experience for both of them. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Big Room Switch-A-Roo

With baby number four quickly on her way, we needed to make some adjustments.  Our bedrooms all seemed to be busting at the seems, so I knew it was time to give up the spacious bonus room as our schoolroom and turn that into a bedroom.  After much contemplating, I decided this to be he boys' room.  My sweet Curly Girlie begged and begged to share a room with her baby sister (she was the one to pray nonstop that we would have a little girl), and this seemed to be our best option.  So we are putting the girls into the room where the boys were.  Leaving the smallest bedroom as a space for our school stuff.  

So the Big Room Switch-A-Roo was underway. 

As you can see, despite all my hemming and hawing, chewing of fingernails and late night contemplating this switch, everyone else was having a blast as we tore down and rebuilt the bedrooms.  Leave it to a 4 year old boy to make a slide out of the bed that daddy was taking apart.  I love his exuberance even if the angle didn't provide much sliding success.  He did make me laugh, which was a great success at the time!

I figured it would be really nice to have all of our schooling materials together, even if we didn't stay in there for school, due to lack of space.  I can't tell you how wrong I was - about the lack of space that is!  This small room turned out the be a perfect little schoolroom for us!  Here's a quick glace around our room.  The door is to the left of this first picture.  And I lined the shots up to give you a full tour around the room, ending at the door again.