Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July's Reading List

 It's the start of another new month!  And with that bring a new reading list for our house.  We are enjoying having a select array of books in our reading basket.  And I find that we are taking more opportunities to read because of it.  Even the briefest moments between activities, will find us grabbing a book or two to pass the time.  The kids are requesting read aloud time more and more.  And it's even helped with the chores!  What??!  The chores??!  Yup, even as I type right now. It's the "hurry, clean up your room and I'll read more stories from our book basket!"  And it works!

Our favorite from last month was More Stories From Grandma's Attic.  We all enjoyed those stories.  One chapter was never enough!  I am sure you will see another book from that series pop up on one of our future reading lists.

Well, on to our list for July!  This month I have included several patriotic/historical themed books to go with our country's birthday.  I also grabbed a few bug books - because it is an especially buggy time around here right now.  And then I filled in with a few favorites.

July's Reading List: