Monday, November 14, 2011

Fact Family Houses

I had been working with my Curly Girlie on her addition and subtraction facts.  I really wanted her to see the connection between addition and subtraction - how it's the same numbers, just switched around.  And then it popped into my head today - Fact Family Houses!

These are not a new idea.  But they are simple to pull together in a moment's notice.  And certainly more fun than another worksheet or another run with the flashcards!

The kids were busily working on their seatwork when the idea struck. So I grabbed a stack of construction paper and my paper cutter and began cutting.  Here is what I did today to create these cute Fact Family Houses for my Curly Girlie to put together:

1. I cut several 6 inch squares.  I set some aside to be the houses and others I cut again - diagonally - for the roofs. 

2. I used some of my scraps to cut small one inch squares for the numbers.

3. I laid them out so I could write the plus, minus and equal signs onto the houses.  I thought this would offer her some guidelines for spacing things out evenly, as well as show her how many facts she needed per house.

4. Then I chose the fact families that I wanted her to work on.  I wrote the three numbers on one of the roofs and I wrote the numbers again on the 1 inch squares making sure I had one for each fact.

Here she is hard at work building one of her Fact Family Houses! 

And here she is with 3 of her houses complete - in no time!  She loved it!!!  I hung them on our window, so she can review them often.  I really think a connection is already starting! 

Sometimes I'm too quick to pass off an opportunity to do something different because I didn't have time to prepare it in advance.  That's why I really had to share this one right away!  It really was so simple to throw together and well worth it! 
Have fun building your own Fact Family Houses!

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  1. What a cute idea! And such a practical way to help you kiddo with math =-) THanks for sharing it on TGIF. I look forwad to seeing what you link up next week!!
    Beth =-)

  2. I love this idea. I will definitely try this with my daughter.

  3. these are so fun! I used to do them with my 2nd graders and they always enjoyed it. thanks for sharing on the sunday showcase - I shared on facebook & twitter and pinned it onto pinterest

  4. WOW! I've never seen anything like this before. What a great idea! I am definitely going to try this with my son. Thanks for sharing!

  5. doing this with my first graders :) We're going to make them into Gingerbread Houses!

  6. My little 1st grader is going to love this!!!

  7. Just found your blog and love it. Thanks for the resources! I'm a new follower!

    1. Thank you, Andrea! So glad to have you following!
      (Love your name!)

  8. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  9. This is wonderful! Love using arts and crafts to teach. Using it to review Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you! We recently were playing around with putting magnets in the backs and doing it all on cookie sheets for a kind of mix and match activity! Maybe I'll post that idea soon! Hope you enjoy!