Thursday, September 15, 2011

Apple Pie

Now we can't learn the letter A without making Apple Pie!
So we gathered our ingredients and set to work.  This is what I love about homeschooling!  There are so many great learning activities that don't need workbooks!

I peeled and sliced the apples while the kids did a scavenger hunt for things that begin with the letter A.  Then they rejoined me to help mix in a little lemon juice, flour, sugar and cinnamon to the apples. Then we poured our apple mixture onto our crust - not homemade, just a store bought roll-out crust. 

 "Quick grab a taste while Mom's not looking!" 
I actually didn't even see this until I saw the pic...sneaky little stinkers!

They each helped decorate the top crust with a mini apple cutout.  I dot the apple mixture with a little butter and then we add the top crust.  Pinch edges together and bake! 
Oh, the smell was just torture for them...they kept asking, "how much longer?"

While we were waiting, my little Curly Girlie helped me cook up some apple sauce with the leftover apples.

 There's nothing like a little apple pie to bring out the love in all of us!

Happy Fall!

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