Monday, October 17, 2011

b or d?

Deciphering lower case b's and d's can be difficult.  We've had struggles in our house.  I've tried a few hints here and there, but nothing seemed to do the trick.  So I thought I would try to create mini posters to go with b and d.  Something visual that they could remember when they approach one of these two familiar letters.

While coming up with my idea for the posters I also came up with a little slogan for each:

Pick up the bat before you hit the ball.
Turn the door knob before you open the door.

These slogans can be helpful when writing the letters as well as when deciding which is which while reading.  Plus both describe an action, so we can get our bodies moving which also helps when trying to remember something.

I also added some practice sheets to go with the posters.  One to practice writing the letter while saying the slogan and the other to help identify the letter using the slogan and as a guide. 


Let me know if these tools were helpful to you!
And have fun with b and d!

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  1. LOVE it! My son is constantly mixing the two up. Thanks!!
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  2. thanks! Needed that. Found you at Living Life Intentionally Linky Party.

  3. Visiting from Linky Party over at living life intentionally. This is great - seriously, thanks!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Meditations for the Heart and taking the time to comment on our Leaf People :) Hope you'll stop by again soon!

  5. thanks for sharing - we are having this issue with my oldest! I will ahve to try this with her. We have tried quite a few tricks but none seem to stick w/her!

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  6. Thanks for sharing on the Sunday Showcase! I hope to see you again this week! I showcased these on facebook & Twitter!