Saturday, November 26, 2011

December Menu Planner

With a week to go yet in my November Menu Planner, I have December’s ready to go – yay me !!

I loved having a menu plan for November!  It was a bit of work to begin with, but it sure made my weekly preparations a breeze.  I just looked over my plan for the week and created my grocery list according to that – easy!  I have to say this really has helped us.  Before, I would take so long deciding what to have and trying to create my grocery list at the same time, often putting off the dreaded grocery shopping trip by days.  Which would, in turn, force us to eat out more often.  So far, for November, we haven’t had that issue.  The plan is in place; making the list and sticking to a regular grocery schedule is much easier now.
Here’s the menu plan for December 4 – 31. 
December Menu Planner
We usually have Tacos/Nachos on Sundays, since it’s a favorite at our house and a great meal for such a busy day.  Also, I plan on one night each week being “leftover night”, so only 6 meals

are listed each week. I don’t assign dates to each meal, to offer me (& you!) flexibility to adjust the meals according to my week and any events that might crop up.  
We are trying a few new recipes this month along with several of our tried and true ones.  For instance, my husband’s favorite soup is Zuppa Tuscana from Olive Garden.  We found a few recipes online that claim to be as good, so we are going to give that a try.  I’ll try to post how these new recipes work out for us.

I am happy to share any of my recipes.  Leave me a comment if your interested in any.

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