Friday, May 4, 2012

The Big Room Switch-A-Roo

With baby number four quickly on her way, we needed to make some adjustments.  Our bedrooms all seemed to be busting at the seems, so I knew it was time to give up the spacious bonus room as our schoolroom and turn that into a bedroom.  After much contemplating, I decided this to be he boys' room.  My sweet Curly Girlie begged and begged to share a room with her baby sister (she was the one to pray nonstop that we would have a little girl), and this seemed to be our best option.  So we are putting the girls into the room where the boys were.  Leaving the smallest bedroom as a space for our school stuff.  

So the Big Room Switch-A-Roo was underway. 

As you can see, despite all my hemming and hawing, chewing of fingernails and late night contemplating this switch, everyone else was having a blast as we tore down and rebuilt the bedrooms.  Leave it to a 4 year old boy to make a slide out of the bed that daddy was taking apart.  I love his exuberance even if the angle didn't provide much sliding success.  He did make me laugh, which was a great success at the time!

I figured it would be really nice to have all of our schooling materials together, even if we didn't stay in there for school, due to lack of space.  I can't tell you how wrong I was - about the lack of space that is!  This small room turned out the be a perfect little schoolroom for us!  Here's a quick glace around our room.  The door is to the left of this first picture.  And I lined the shots up to give you a full tour around the room, ending at the door again.


What do you think of our newest addition to our schoolroom?  I finally broke down and bought a magnetic white board to accommodate our All About Spelling and All About Reading programs.  I love it!

 It was also great having the opportunity to go through some of our supplies and reorganize or remove them.  We sadly said good-bye to our Hello Kitty radio.  I took some time to load our cd's into the iPod.  It amazes the kids how the songs no longer skip as they dance and jump around to the music.  And I am thrilled to not have to tell them to stop because I can't stand the sound of the skipping music.

And look!  Still space for our school table.  We have been doing our schooling right here.  I told everyone, right off the bat, that we would not be bringing in any extra toys, due to our minimized space.  I think the fewer distractions of excess toys have been a benefit to us.  Not too mention the light pouring in from this window.  Despite the picture above, the room is quite bright all day.  Much brighter than our previous schoolroom. 

I'd love to reveal the closet . . . once it's finished. For now, it's just piles, but I have big plans for making this a great storage space for more supplies. 

For now, I am thrilled with how this space has turned out.  It's cute, functional, and a pleasant place to work.  I look forward to posting many more pictures from this lovely school space.