Sunday, August 25, 2013

Household Helps

For me summer time means planning and prepping for the next school year.  I feel very confident that the more planning I can get done now the more we'll be able to accomplish during the school year.  Without the dreaded...."oh, we can't do that yet, I don't have it ready!"  So, August has found me working diligently, every chance I get, to prepare for our coming school year.
Summer Time = Planning Time Series: Part 4

I like having systems in place.  Things, ideally, go much smoother when everyone knows the procedure for a particular task.  For instance, before our baby was born, I taught my kiddos to get their own breakfasts and clean up after themselves.  Knowing my hands would be full many times, I didn't want them to always have to wait for me and delay that start to our day.  Albeit, it's only cold cereal or oatmeal packets, but at least it's a breakfast they can do on their own. 

I have made some resources to help our days and weeks run smoothly.  The first is our weekly menu planner with attached grocery list.   We plan to grocery shop on Mondays, so I start our weekly menu with Tuesdays, going through the next Monday, when we would shop again.  Attached is a grocery list.  It is so handy having these two together while planning.  Then simply snipping it off when it's time to shop.  The menu can stay with a magnet on the fridge, be taped to the inside of the pantry door, or we keep ours in a binder - those who have been around my blog long enough are not surprised by this at all - I <3 binders!

The menu plan has wide sections that I occasionally use to jot down events for that day.  This helps with my planning - to know which nights might need a quicker meal.  Other times, I might add breakfast and lunch plans - usually on special days.

Another resource I made hasn't really been tested yet.  I made a weekly lunch menu.  In much the same way as I trained my children to get their own breakfasts when I wasn't available, I want to help them start learning to prepare some simple lunches for themselves.  These are great life-skills!  This way, if I happen to be occupied with one child come lunchtime, it doesn't leave everyone else waiting and again stalling our day.

This resource will also help us stay out of the PB&J rut.  I have one child that could eat these everyday and one child that isn't real fond of them.  And by this point in the day, I'm not incredibly creative.  This will hopefully get me thinking ahead, so I don't have to spontaneously come up with something that will please everyone.  And once it's on the list, no complaining - lol!

Hoping these resources are helpful for you!  What other ways are you organizing life to make homeschooling go smoother during the school year?  I'd love to hear your ideas!

I hope you all enjoyed my Summer Time = Planning Time Series.  I'd love to hear from you!  What are some ways that you are preparing for another year of homeschooling?

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