Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January READER Time

January 2016
 Follow along with us as we try to make reading more a part of our days; more a part of our lives.  If you would like to learn more about what READER Time is for us, read my original READER Time post.  And pick up some great bookmarks/reading lists there, too!
As we start this New Year, I am determined to be more purposeful with our reading lists, as well as making the time to do our reading.  So this is our READER Time plans for the month (or, well.....the rest of the month).

You'll find a lot of historical fiction on our lists this month to go along with the area of history that we are studying.  I tried to choose books that would really draw the kids in.  And I LOVE picture books!  So it was very hard to narrow down my choices for my Toddler.  I'm so very excited to start my year off with a great book that I'm hoping will encourage me in this new drive.  And Dad is hoping to take some time to pick up an old fantasy series he read years ago - he is actually the most consistent reader in the house, but he's happy to jump in on our bandwagon to read more!

Read Alouds for the whole family:
The Courage of Sarah Noble (Alice Dalgliesh)
Madeleine Takes Command (Ethel Brill)
Buttons for General Washington (Peter and Connie Roop)
The Secret Garden (Francis Hodgson Burnett)

7th grader: Ben and Me (Robert Lawson)
5th grader: Phoebe the Spy (Judith Griffin)
2nd grader: Sam the Minuteman (Nathaniel Benchley)

Toddler: (various winter picture books including, but not limited to)
The Mitten (Jan Brett)
The Hat (Jan Brett)
Gingerbread Baby (Jan Brett)
Blizzard (John Rocco)
Bear Snores On (Karma Wilson)
Skippyjon Jones Snow What (Judy Schachner)

Mom: The Reading Promise (Alice Ozma)
Dad: Wheel of Time, book 1 (Robert Jordan)

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