Thursday, February 25, 2016

Homeschool Purchase List

It's getting to be that time of year again!  It's time to start planning and shopping for next school year!
I love planning!  The idea of a fresh start, whether it's in just the next level in a tried and true resource or you're choosing to part ways with something that just was working and venturing out to try something new. 

One of my favorite parts of homeschooling (besides spending my days with my kiddos) is that I get to make a curriculum specifically for them.  I can take the time to consider each of them individually - their strengths and weaknesses, what has worked for them in the past and what hasn't, how I would like to see them grow and stretch.

I love that I can choose what we use to help us learn.  And there is so much out there to choose from!  As I start to list out my plans or least some ideas for next year, I also need to consider the cost of it all.  While I want to provide the best options for each of my children, I also want to bless my family by finding the best deals I can when shopping for our homeschooling choices.  So I shop around.

My local homeschool association has an annual expo featuring guest speakers as well as many homeschool vendors.  With that expo coming up in just about a week, it's time for me to start some of my research.  I have made a chart where I can list my homeschooling wants, with 3 columns to compare prices.  I can start going to some of my favorite sites (Rainbow Resource, Amazon, Christian Book, etc.) and note the prices (don't forget to include any shipping costs).  Then I can take my list with me to the expo and look for more deals.  I won't forget the prices and mistakenly pay much more for something, because I will have my list!

I hope this idea will help you bless your family by organizing your homeschool wants and finding the best prices available. 

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