Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fun with Multiplying!

Multiplication Games

I told a homeschooling friend that I was working on multiplication facts with my Little Buddy.  And she suggested I download Timez Attack.  I can't tell you how much we love it! 

I really didn't expect much from a free download, but this game is fantastic!  My Little Buddy took to it right away!  And my husband and I have even given it a go, too.  And the littler ones just love to watch.  As far as educational games go, this one is tops!  He is really starting to retain his multiplication facts.  And believe me, I have tried several approaches to help him on this. 

The player's character is a little green boy or girl whose goal is to wind through the dungeon or palace and defeat the giant ogre. 
The game starts with a pre-test and offers the option of skipping questions that are too hard.  Then as the game proceeds, it introduces just a few facts at a time, giving the player lots of opportunity to review those facts.  What I love is that if a player puts in the wrong answer, it immediately corrects the answer for the player to see and then gives them the chance to do it again.  This immediate correction is vital to helping a child's retention and confidence.  Leaving a wrong answer uncorrected only clouds the mind and causes doubt.  

Once the game is completed - where the child gets all his facts correct in one last dual with the giant ogre - there is a post-test.  A certificate can be printed to show completion.  From here you could purchase an upgrade or tackle the division side of things. 

This is a great game to practice or review multiplication facts.  Plus they are coming out with games for addition and subtraction around Christmas 2011.

Happy Multiplying!

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