Saturday, August 13, 2011

Great Organizing Idea

I happened across this great organizing idea from A Bowl Full of Lemons.  It's called a Mobile Command Station.  Now, doesn't that title carry some power! 

I ran to Target the very day I found this idea and put one together for myself.  It only cost me $8 - I had some nice hanging files, so I only needed the basket.  And it really did clear the clutter from my counter tops!  And it was super easy to do!

I don't have the calendar on the front of mine, because I do a photo calendar of my cutie
pies each year - displayed prominently in my kitchen.  So, I am still looking for ideas on what I can put on the front of mine.  And I left out the "sign and return" file, since we homeschool we don't have much of that :) 

This is a great organizing tool.  It looks much better sitting on my counter than my piles did!  I hope you'll follow the link (click the pic) and make one for yourself! 

Happy Organizing!

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