Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PreSchool Week 1

I give our first week of PreSchool an  A+ !  I was so impressed with how well my Little Squirt took to ''starting school".  And I was even more impressed with how he caught on to things! 

Here he is matching upper and lower case apple letters to letters on the tree.

He showed great hand/eye coordination with his do-a-dot page. 
(He's even a bit of a perfectionist - gee I wonder where he got that!)

And his writing practice sheet blew me away!  Just look at how he holds his pencil!  And he really worked to follow the lines...well, until he decided to get a little silly. 
("I was serious for like 30 seconds, what more could you want, Mom!")

I really expected to take his Letter of the Week school in a very relaxed manner.  I was not intending to push or expect anything.  I really only wanted to give him things to do.  Help him adjust to the idea of sitting a bit, following directions, having some one-on-one Mommy time.  But he really showed some eagerness to learn.  And he took to some things like such a pro that I began to wonder how long he's been able to do this...and amazed that I am just now realizing that he CAN do it!  It kinda makes me wonder where I've been!?

This game was one of our favs for the week - we played it over and over - even brother and sis joined us a couple of times! 

5 Little Apples Growing on a Tree
Some for you and some for me.
There's one little worm that you can't see!
Where, oh where, can that little worm be?
author unknown

These are just apple cutouts with numbers on them.  I actually have them from 1 to 10, but I decided to just start with 1 through 5 this week.  The cutouts are taped to craft sticks.  Then I have a small green felt piece as my worm that I tape to the back of one of the apples.  My Little Squirt has to put his head down and hide his eyes while I put the worm on the back of one apple.  We say the poem together and then he guesses where the worm is.  He had to say the number name before he could flip it over to find the worm.  So we were building number recognition - but to him, we were just having fun!

It was such a busy week!  But that didn't keep him from his post!  He still found time to monitor his brothers independent seatwork time.  What would I do without him!?!

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