Thursday, September 8, 2011

Skip Counting Download

I made this skip counting chart a while back to help my kiddos. 

My Curly Girlie is at the stage of learing skip counting - counting by 2's helps her learn her doubles addition, counting by 5's helps her when counting nickles or minutes on the clock. 

And my Little Buddy is into multiplication, so being able to skip count by all the numbers is helpful for him as he tries to memorize his multiplication facts. 

So, I made this chart to give them a visual of the skip counting pattern.  It consists of 4 pages with 2 skip counting charts on each page to give us the skip counting numbers for 2 through 9.

Notice how each skip counting pic goes with it's number? 
By 2's is a pair of socks (2),
by 3's is an ice cream cone (3 scoops),
by 4's is a dragonfly (4 wings),
by 5's is a star (5 points), etc. 
So even the earliest skip counter can practice by counting the parts of each picture!

I cut my charts in half, so we are only looking at one skip counting set at a time. 

Here's a few skip counting games to play with your charts.  First, we pick a chart.  We practice chanting those numbers a few times.  Then, we cover a number or two with a block (or whatever we have lying around) - a small piece of painters tape works great if you laminate the front of the charts first.  Then, we try to count without missing the covered numbers.  We continue until all the numbers are covered and we can count it without looking at all.  Other times we will clap or hop along to our skip counting.  The kids can be really creative if you let them try to come up with some ideas to use with skip counting.  The trick is to just keep counting it over an over till it sticks.  And if you have them coming up with ideas - no matter how silly - they are likely to want to keep doing it over and over, trying to come up with sillier and sillier ideas! 

I'd love to hear some of your ideas for skip counting, whether using these charts or your own methods.  Leave me a post! 

And don't forget to click on the pic above to get your free download of my skip counting charts!

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  1. LOOKS GREAT!! Thanks for sharing, I look forward to see what you post on!

  2. Thanks, Erica! And thanks again for your help!

  3. AWESOME! What a clever idea. I would love for you to link up at Living Life Intentionally’s Linky party - ~Beth

  4. Visiting from Living Life Intentionally Linky Party - thanks for the free download - very helpful.