Monday, September 5, 2011

School Year Kick-Off!

The big day is here...the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!  As a kick-off to the new school year, we thought we would give each of the kids a small gift.  Most of our "back to school" shopping consists of Mommy and Daddy buying curriculum, not exactly exciting stuff for them.  We thought a little surprise gift might help add to the excitement as we launch into the adventure of a new school year!  So, as they got ready for bed the night before our first day of school, we laid some gifts out on the school table. 

"Back to School Time" signifies growing up...they're getting older, starting a new grade level, learning more, and taking on new and greater responsibilities.  So, we wanted to give each of the kids a gift that would make them feel "grown-up".

So, my Little Buddy got a new watch!  He's been wanting to be more like Daddy all the time.  So we thought a nicer watch was in order.  And what better "time" than "Back to School Time" - lol!  The neat thing about this Timex Kids watch is that they will replace it, even if you lose it!  How great is that for a kids watch!  Plus, it's a velcro strap for those skinny wrists. 
Liking the "Back to School Time" theme I started with the watch, we continued it with a clock for my Curly Girlie!  Now that she's reading digital clocks, we thought this would be a perfect grown-up thing to have on her night stand.  As you can see on her face, she loved it!  We even set the alarm on it - although she's usually up before she needs to be, she thought it would be fun.
Now, my Little Squirt isn't ready for watches or clocks yet.  So, for his "Back to School Time" gift we thought a new big boy backpack was in order.  And in my attempt to avoid a character backpack my choices were quite limited.  But I came across this messenger style bag that also had straps for a backpack - and it's the perfect size for him! 

Well, now it's off to bed for a good night's rest before the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - yay!!!

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