Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ahhhhhhh, Bedtime!

I don't know about you, but by the time bedtime rolls around I am exhausted!!!  Funny thing is I usually perk up a bit after the kids are settled in - but that sounds like a different story for a different day.  :)

Being so tired out by the end of each day, I tend to slack off on things.  Or my mind just goes completely blank and I fail to do, or guide my children in doing, those things that would help our mornings go smoother. 

It's so frustrating to start off our busy morning and realize we never completed our schoolwork reading yesterday and meant to do it at bedtime, but forgot then too.  Or to realize it's Friday morning and we haven't worked on our AWANA verses all week long, because we keep forgetting to do at bedtime.  Even family read aloud gets forgotten...and we love to read! 

We usually get the basics done - pj's on.  And most of the time - teeth brushed and toys picked up.  (I know, it's horrible that I forget to have my children brush their teeth!)

We just need a boost to help get us in a groove.  So I decided I need a little helper to get us through all the tasks for our bedtime routine.  Something that will remind all of us what needs to be done, so it's not just on mom or dad to dictate the tasks.

And here's my helper:

I made it during family movie night last night.  I hope that just having our tasks posted will be the boost we all need; the friendly reminder without mom or dad having to play drill sergeant.  And hopefully this will bring me some peaceful snoozing!

So, if you need a boost in you bedtime routine, click the picture above for a free download. 

And happy snoozing!

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