Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Passports Please!

We are using the curriculum My Father's World for our History/Geography.  They have a great 5 year cycle that starts with a full year of in depth geography.  This lays a great foundation for the next 4 years of studying history chronologically.  One of the many things I love about MFW that you only need this one curriculum for all your children.  And it includes Bible and Science that coincide with the history/geography that you are studying.

So this year, as a part of the great geography study that we are going to do, they supplied us with passports for each child.  And while my Little Squirt, being only 3, will probably not participate in any other realm of geography this year, I did get him one of these passports.  These passports will be used as we "travel" around the world.  We will be placing flag stickers in our passports for each country that we visit.  Which led us to the great idea to set up a "Passport Office" as a kick-off to our traveling adventure.   

We had a riot putting this little gig together!!!  Check out all the pens in my hubby's front pocket - lol!  Did you notice our office hours?  Saturday 1-2pm - some of the fun was just for us!


All dressed up and attempting silly accents - the kids didn't know what to think of us!  But they played along...and all the giggles told me it was a hit!

The kids were met at the door by Miss Tropical Hoot (aka - Mommy, with her hair pulled up and LOTS of bright pink lipstick - I think I scared them a bit). 

 Then they were lead to the desk of Sir Lanky (aka - Daddy, who kept us all in stitches).

They had to sign-in and wait to be called back to fill out their passport applications.  They even had a check they had to fill out to pay for the passports - and Sir Lanky increased their cost every time they giggled!

 We also set up an official photo spot to take their passport photos (i.e., pulled the curtains shut, set up the camera tripod and used painters tape to make a square on the carpet to stand in). 

And aren't these just the cutest passport photos you've ever seen!

Happy travels!

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