Friday, December 2, 2011

Check Out the Newest Addition to Our Schoolroom!

One of our local schools was moving into a new building, so they had a sale of some items that they weren't taking with them. 
I was able to snag this great sensory table (with lid) for $10 !

Can you believe that my Little Squirt played at this table for 1-1/2 hours this morning?!!  Pretty amazing for 3 year old !

I promised the other two they could join him this afternoon if they finished their schoolwork - what an incentive tool !  Plus, they were able to work faster since their main "distraction" was occupied!

I added a 10lb. bag of rice, some plastic candy canes, some evergreen stems (like chenille stems),  and some red, green and white pompoms.  I also added an old muffin pan, some plastic tongs, a wooden spoon (and a few other utensils from their toy kitchen), and some handmade paper boxes. I actually had 2 bags of rice, but decided to hold off on one for now - this gave them more room to work in the bin. 

Check out some of the fun they had sorting and creating.

I will probably keep these things in the bin all month long, but I need some ideas for future months.  I would love for you to share with me some of the things you've put in sensory bins for your kids.  Thanks!

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  1. That looks so fun!!! I need your mailing address so I can mail the autographed chris tomlin cd to you. Congrats on winning.
    Jenniferkindle at gmail dot com