Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Activities

I put together some Christmas Fun Packs for my kiddos to do these past few days.  (You can see that post here - including a couple of free downloads!) 

As I was organizing all of these activities into their Christmas Fun Folders, I decided to organize them by themes.  By the time I prepared all of this, I was down to about 8 weekdays before Christmas.  So, I did 8 themes.  Next year I am hoping to start a little sooner and add to it to make 12 days of Christmas activities. 

My 8 days of Christmas activities were:
1. Christmas Books
2. Christmas Words
3. Christmas Cookies
4. Christmas Gifts (for others)
5. Christmas Trees
6. Christmas Counting
7. Christmas Symbols
8. Christmas Nativity

 We started with all smiles, but . . .
. . .then I asked, "Do you want to keep helping me with cookies or do you want to watch a Christmas movie?"  And the smiles returned - there was even some cheering!!!

 This is one of our all time favorite Christmas books! 
Can You See What I See?  Night Before Christmas, by Walter Wick
It consumes us by the hours . . . and next thing you know we are in our jammies till noon!!!

Some of our other favs are:
Bear Stays Up for Christmas, by Karma Wilson
Gingerbread Baby, by Jan Brett
The Legend of St. Nicholas A Story of Christmas Giving, by Dandi Daley Mackall
The Tale of Three Trees, by Angela Elwell Hunt
Follow the Star (a fabric book I made years ago, but still remains a favorite - no author listed)
Hallmark's 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
and a couple of new favorites this year:
Silent Night, by Juliet Groom
Voices of Christmas, by Nikki Grimes

These felt shapes are great for counting practice for my Little Squirt or as a fun game for my Curly Girlie to play when practicing her flashcards or math facts - even my Little Buddy enjoys coming up with games to use these.

I hope you are all enjoying this last few days before Christmas!

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  1. I awarded you with the Liebster award today. Merry Christmas.

    Jessica @ Preserving Life's Moments