Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gifts for the Mailman, Etc.

Each Christmas I like to give a gift to the mailman, garbage man, and recycling man.  This year we decide to for-go the sweets and give the gift of warmth - with a pair of thick warm socks for each of them.
And what better way to wrap them, than to create a beautiful box from scrapbook paper!  I found this idea years ago on a craft show (back when I had time to watch craft shows - and sorry, I can't remember which one).

The directions are fairly easy.

Start with 12 x 12 inch scrapbook paper.  Flip it over and draw a line from corner to corner to form and X.

 Fold each corner to the center point of your X.  I find it easiest to open up each fold  before going to the next corner.

 Now, you want to fold each corner to the point of the line you've drawn and your fold line.  Again, you'll need to open each fold before going to the next corner.

 The last folds will be the smallest.  Each corner will be folded to the first creased line you come to.

 Now you will notice that you have a grid of square creases with the center being the largest square.  You will need to make 2 cuts on opposite corners up to that center square.  I have added another picture here hoping to shows more detail for those cuts.

 Two corners will be large triangles.  Following the creases that you made fold the tip in and then fold on the next crease.  When you bring the opposite flaps together you will see you box starting to take shape.

Bring the corner up and over these flaps to hold them in place.  Fold the small corner flap opposite of its crease, so that it will lay flat in the bottom of the box.

Lifting this corner, you can add a dollop of glue to secure your box.

Ta-Da!  You have the lid to your box finished!  To make the base you follow the same instructions, but you start with 11-3/4 x11-3/4 sheet of card stock.  This allows the lid to slide easily over the base of your box.

These turned out to be the perfect size for those thick warm socks!  I have also filled them with cookies or other treats.  I put them in a baggy first - cut off the zipper part and close with a pretty ribbon, to make it a bit cuter inside the box, too! 

You could also make them in smaller sizes.  Just start with a square piece of paper and don't forget to make the base 1/4 inch smaller than the lid.

Happy Gifting!
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  1. Great idea!!!! May use it..trash day today though.may be a little late.

  2. How sweet. How do you actually get it to those people?? We have a different mail man (2-3 of them during the week) and our recycle, yard waste and garbage men are just in trucks and I have no idea if they change every week or not. So thoughtful of you.

  3. We did get them delivered. Yesterday was the mailman and today was the garbage man and recycling man.

    Jennifer: you could give them out as Happy New Year gifts instead!

    Jessica: we have one regular mailman who is quite friendly to us (and gives treats to our dog!), so I'm sure to put his name on that one. But I'm not sure how regular the garbage and recycling men are. So I just put the gift out there for whoever happens to be working that day.

    Otherwise, these could make great gift boxes for anybody!

  4. Aren't you sweet. And I love how you made your own box! i am going to use that!
    Thanks for linking up to TGIF!
    Merry Christmas,
    Beth =-)

  5. What a FANTASTIC idea to give them socks!!! And making your own box is so cool. Pinning this!! Thanks for sharing at Thrifty Thursday!! Hope you had a fantastic Holiday Season!