Friday, December 30, 2011

January Menu Plan

So here it is . . . January's Menu Plan.

I made some adjustments this time.  First, I added a week in order to finish the month.  This menu plan will take you from January 1 through February 4.  Every 3rd month will have 5 weeks instead of 4, so I can stay on track with the months. 

Also, I limited my meals to 5 each week.  We were having too many leftovers with 6 meals each week - therefore throwing out too much food.  And throwing out food, means money over-spent at the grocery store.  So, we are going to try 5 meals a week - and hopefully we can eat up those leftovers!

I am sticking with tacos / nachos on Sunday.  It's such a busy day with morning Worship Service and AWANA in the evening.  And I really want to keep the day a family day, too.  And since these meals are always a hit at our house - it really helps to simplify things for me.  Plus, my husband will prepare it, giving me a break! 

It has been so helpful for me to make these menu plans.  One evening a month I set aside time to do this - and I'm set for the month!  It simplifies grocery shopping night.  And it also, helps on those tired nights when I'm not sure what to prepare - it's already listed for me!

I hope you find this menu plan helpful, too.
(click on the picture above to download and print)


  1. Cool idea but do you post the recipes somewhere? thanks for following I'm now following back!

  2. I only have one recipe posted so far - Dorito Chicken
    I would like to get around to posting more. Are there any in particular that you are interested in? I could post those first!

  3. I'd love to see your slow cooker orange chicken recipe =-) Good for you for getting organized! I imagine Sundays are busy with church & awana - wow!! We don't have that much & we still eat leftovers or waffles on Sunday or popcorn =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Happy New Year,
    Beth =-)