Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Birthday Party!

We recently had a birthday party at our house!  Miss Curly Girlie turned 7!

She could hardly wait for her party to start!  We decided a few weeks ago to make it a Pajama Party.  I got some amazing party ideas from Pinterest.  I have found it's a better place to search for things like party ideas than just doing a Yahoo or Google search.  On Pinterest, I came across far more of the kind of ideas I was looking for.  Maybe a few too many ideas - that kept me up late a few too many nights!  I really need to work on starting these projects sooner!

I set up our table like a bed complete with fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillow. I also hung a "Sweet Dreams" banner from the sheets.  It turned out really cute - she loved it!  And the tissue paper puff balls turned out amazing (seen in the table picture below) - I used chenille stems to twist them, which made them great for hanging! 

We took Curly Girlie and some family and friends bowling as part of her birthday party.  It was a blast!  What a perfect activity for all ages!  I don't do a "friend birthday" for my kids each year, but when I do I feel torn trying to accommodate the adult family members and the friends.  This year, going bowling seemed the perfect solution - everyone really seemed to have a great time!
Check out my crazy kids . . . I love them!

Back at home we opened the presents and had the cake and ice cream.

For the cake I made a brownie pizza. Frosted it with vanilla frosting (colored red) and topped it with grated white chocolate (cheese) crushed Oreos, mini M&M's and some sprinkles. It was very rich! I also set up a small ice cream buffet for the kids to make their own sundaes.  We had fudge topping, strawberry sauce, hard shell chocolate topping, more crushed Oreos, sprinkles, gummy bears, and cherries - yum!

The party favors were super fun!  We found these cute Pajama Party dolls at Oriental Trading and sticker sheets to match.  I put together a tie pillow craft to take home (like the tie blankets) since we weren't going to have time to do a craft due to bowling.  Curly Girlie picked out a treat (Laffy Taffy).  We bought some hair elastics and I tied them altogether with a small piece of ribbon.  And since it was a Pajama Party, we bought some individual cereal containers - a special treat for the morning after!

I think I may have over spent - although none of it was very expensive.  However, now I am working on a new budget worksheet to try to keep me on track!  More to come on that . . .

My Curly Girlie is such a special little girl.  It was so fun for me to put together this party for her.  And she just glowed the entire time!  I love that girl!

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