Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Menu Plan

Wow!  Nothing like waiting until the very last minute to complete this menu plan.  Although, it is hard to think about food when you're not feeling very well.  But, as of just moments ago, the menu plan is now complete (with my husband's help - thank you!).  And yes, that means we are stuck doing our shopping trip on a Saturday - actually, my loving husband was already out the door before I finished this post with 2 of our kiddos to do the shopping!  He is so awesome!  I am so blessed!  Now, hopefully we can get back on track after this . . .

I have included some new recipes that I found on Pinterest.  I put a * next to those new recipes.  And I have them pinned here, if you would like to see them (and more).  If there is another recipe that you would like from this menu plan, please leave me a comment and I will get that recipe out for you.

Last month I switched to planning for 5 meals per week.  And this worked out great!  There always seems to be enough leftovers to carry us through the entire week. 

And we are sticking with our traditional taco/nacho meal on Sundays.  With morning service and AWANA, its nice to have a set meal that I don't have to think about.  Plus, my husband makes it so I don't have to do anything!!!  See, I truly am blessed or spoiled - either way I am very thankful!

I hope you find this menu plan helpful!