Monday, March 19, 2012

Changes and Adjustments Part 1

Changes are a part of life.  I am learning that just about the time I think I have something set the best way I can imagine, something comes along that forces a change.  Whether it's a physical, tangible reason to change or just that tugging at my heart telling me a change is needed.  I sometimes really want to fight the latter - ignoring or dismissing those persistent thoughts.  But what I really need to do is pray.  Find out whether it is God leading me in another direction or not.  And follow Him!  Whether a big decision or a smaller one, sometimes it's just not easy to change.  And leaning on God is the only way this stubborn girl can manage. 

I am a planner.  I love to make plans.  I work out the details and the timing.  I write them out and make them all pretty, etc.  But not too long ago I realized that the planning I was doing for our homeschooling seemed off somehow.  I loved filling in my little planning boxes.  I would open my planning folder while we were doing school
to "track" our work.  But it began to feel obsessive.  I felt more like a task master sitting back and just dictating.  Then strumming my fingers because we weren't crossing things off my list fast enough.  Finally, the thought occurred to me that I was actually writing double lesson plans, because my kids each have their own checklist or planner.  I was actually making more work for myself just by filling in my planner, and then I was making myself miserable by trying to track our work on my planner.  So, one day I gave up my planner.  That one day turned into a week, then into two weeks, and the next thing I realized is how much freer I felt not being attached to my planner.

Now, I am not at all suggesting that you don't need to plan for homeschooling.  I had to let it go because it was becoming unhealthy for me and our homeschooling environment.  However, I still fill in my children's planners and checklist to track their seatwork.  Then I leave it in their hands, giving them more control and responsibility while still keeping track of their progress.  I find these simple checklists and planners are enough for us right now.   I just no longer see the need to write down all of our lessons when I'm following the curriculum in sequence anyway.  I don't feel nearly as tied down - instead I feel more actively involved with my kids while they work and less like a task master, strumming my fingers waiting for them to finish.

Here is my Curly Girlie's 1st Grade checklist:

And my Little Buddy is currently using a planner from, but I am hoping to make him a checklist for next year - something tailored just for him and his schoolwork. 

More Changes and Adjustments to come . . .

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