Sunday, March 11, 2012

Menu Plan for March

I am so late getting this out, but here it is anyway.  This month is scheduled to run from March 4 - 31.  So we've already completed the first week and are on to week 2. 

I've also decided to alternate our taco/nacho night with pizza, just to mix things up a bit so as to not get too tired of our favorite - tacos!  But we're still keeping it simple and easy for our busy day.

Having a menu plan has been so helpful for me.  Yes, it takes a little work to get it set for the month,
but then I'm done thinking about it.  I just print it off and place in on the side of our fridge for the month.  Then come grocery shopping time, I grab my menu plan and start listing everything I need for the meals that week - such a breeze!  Grocery shopping used to get put off and put off, because I not only had to make the grocery list, but I had to plan the menu for that week.  Then we would end up with multiple trips to the grocery store.  And we would end up spending more than just making one trip for the week.  Now, I spend one time planning the menu for the whole month, so I don't need to delay grocery shopping because I'm too tired to plan my menu for the week - it's already done!  I hope you'll try my menu plan or be inspired to come up with your own!

Let me know if you see a meal that you'd like the recipe for.  I'd be happy to share! 

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