Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Treats

It was a fall rainy day here today.  And we loved it!  "Why?" you ask.  Because we lit a fire in our fire place, snuggled in the living room to watch a movie, and enjoyed some yummy fall treats we made this week!
Check out these adorable Acorn Cookies!  I found the idea on Pinterest.  It didn't actually have a link, it was just a picture, but I didn't think it looked to hard to figure out.  So, we gave it a go!

Here is our list of ingredients:
Hershey's Kisses
Nutter Butter Cookies (we had to buy them in the snack cup size to get the small round ones)
Mini Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Cookie Icing (you could make your own, but I'm all about simplicity and ease these days)

 (Sorry for the bad pics - it was an incredibly sunny day when we made these and I couldn't find a good angle without sun/shadow streaks.  But hopefully you can see how great this is to do with kids!)
I showed my kiddos the picture from Pinterest and explained that the Icing was going to be our "glue" to build these acorns.  And they went to work!  We squeezed a blueberry size dot onto the Nutter Butter and then pressed a kiss on to it.  We let those set for a bit, and then put a smaller dot on the other side of the Nutter Butter and pressed a mini chocolate chip into that one.  And wa-la . . . Acorn Treats!  And as you guessed it they are incredibly yummy!  I'm thinking this will be come a traditional fall treat at our house! 

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  1. We made those last year but with nilla wafers instead of nutter much fun!!