Sunday, April 28, 2013

Math Fun - Part 2

My Fact Family Houses post has continued to be a very popular post.  As it has also continued to be a popular activity here in our home.  So, I decided to come up with a more permanent set up for making fact family houses.  Something that might help keep the focus on the actual fact families. 

Fact Family House File Folder Kit

You can read the original Fact Family Houses post here.

This file folder kit comes with:
a front cover sheet, title strip, & directions for playing the file folder game
the house page
a set of number tiles
a description of how to construct the file folder game

Building the file folder game is simple. I prefer the "straight-cut tab" folders, but any file folder can work.  I printed my title page and house page on regular paper.  The number tiles, I printed on cardstock and laminated - at least 4 sheets will be needed to complete the various fact families.  I had my entire file folder laminated for durability at my local office supply store. 
Lots of Velcro sticky dots!  I added a dot to each empty square.  And then the opposite dot to the backs of all the number tiles.  These can be stored in a bag or envelop inside the file folder or on the back, which ever you prefer. 
Or if you'd prefer to skip the Velcro dots and the number tiles, the numbers could just be written in with a dry erase marker - wipe off - and repeat time and time again!
Download my Fact Family House File Folder Kit by clicking the link at the top.  And leave me a comment about how you are using this file folder game!

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