Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day

Running usual....
But just in case you're right there with me and need a last minute Father's Day gift idea........

The kids have been enjoying some Shel Silverstein poem books that they found on our bookshelf.  Recently, they mentioned this poem to me and I thought it was perfect for Father's Day.  I dressed it up a bit to print off for the D-A-D in our house. 

by: Shel Silverstein

And since I'm short on time, I am planning on having Dad take part in the kids' craft to "create" their own remote controls for Dad.  Nothing too fancy.  I'm just pulling out some cardboard and other various craft supplies and letting them use their awesome creativeness to build these special remotes.  Looking forward to lots of laughs as the kids use this poem as a little inspiration for playing with their Dad on Father's Day! 

Hoping this free download is a blessing to anyone else that is running late this year!

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