Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Reading Bookmark

It's time for
S U M M E R    R E A D I N G ! ! !
I'm always on the look out for a simple way to track our summer reading.  Why not a bookmark?!
You often keep one close by while reading.  So why not make that bookmark doubly useful......
saving your spot AND tracking your reading time!
This bookmark is simple - you just color in a book on the bookshelf each time you read for 20 minutes.  Once you have colored in all the books on the bookmark, you will have read for
10 HOURS!!!
That's quite an accomplishment!
And if you're still going strong, you can fill up another bookmark!
Our local libraries and other reading games that we sign-up for all have their own tracking systems - some we record the time on the internet, others have sheets or calendars to fill in/hand in.  I plan to use this bookmark as our initial record of reading.  Then, transfer our time to each separate reading game.  I think it will really simplify things to use the bookmarks as our one main record to keep track of for each child. 
Click on the pic above to download a copy of my Summer Reading Bookmark. 
Note: it comes with 2 bookmarks per sheet. 
I'd love to hear how this Summer Reading Bookmark works for you!  Leave me a comment!!!

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  1. Great resource! Thanks for sharing.

    I am stopping by from MissionalWomen.Com. We linked up after you at Fellowship Friday.