Friday, August 30, 2013

S.O.A.P. for Kids

Are you familiar with the acronym SOAP?

It stands for:

I learned it a few years back from Good Morning Girls.....I love their Bible studies! 
This is a 4 step process:
1.You would write out the scripture that you are studying. 
2. Make a few observations about it - what stands out to you.
3. Note ways you can apply this to your life.
4. Pray!

After using this method through one of their Bible studies, it has become my preferred method of studying the Bible.  It's so simple and practical!  I really wish I had learned about it sooner!

So, why not bless my children with this great Bible study method early in life?!

I created a sheet to help them.  I made a box for each step - Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer.  But I didn't include lines for writing.  I wanted them to have the freedom to draw, if they so choose. 

Sometimes the Scripture touches our hearts in such a way that we can't always express in words.  A picture is a great way for a child to show what something means to them.  Even young children, not yet ready to do much writing, can still participate in Bible study time.  And older children, will have the option to write or draw.....or both!  Once their illustration is done, I love to ask them about what they've drawn.  It can be a beautiful glimpse into what God placed into the heart of your child!

Here is a copy of my Bible SOAP Time for Kids:
I like to share with my kids that sin can "dirty-up" our hearts.  But we can use Bible SOAP to clean it back up.  Having a clean heart will help our relationship with Jesus grow.  However, I do stress that it is not our actions that clean our hearts of sin - it is through God's Grace - for we have not the power to wash away this sin ourselves.  But following this Bible SOAP method, will lead us to the Savior, who can....and WILL....wash our sin away for His glory!

I am praying that this will be a step I can take to lead my children toward Him.  I am praying for many opportunities to use this and the consistency to make it a habit for me and my kiddos. 

What ways are you teaching your children to study the Bible?   I would love to hear your ideas!


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    1. You are welcome, Kim! I hope you find it helpful and are able to use it often!