Sunday, September 1, 2013

Reading Punch Cards

Looking for a fun way to track your reading during the school year?

Check out my cute Reading Punch Cards!

I created 3 different styles:

One tracks the time spent reading.  This would be a great option for a reluctant reader.  Have your child choose his book/books, set a timer for 15 minutes and read!  Once the timer dings, you can punch their card!

The next one tracks the number of books read.  This would work for a child who likes a challenge.  You could even write the start date on the back of the card to see how long it takes to complete the whole card.  This can work for a child reading chapter books or a child reading or looking at picture books, or even as a group read aloud time.  Just as long as their is no competition between children reading chapter books vs. picture books.  The challenge should be just individual goals. 

The last card allows you to customize the reading goals for your child.  This is a great card to use with a variety of children ages and reading abilities.  Again, it is not set up as a completion between children, as each child's goal may differ from another.  I recently used this card for my oldest child as an added incentive to get going on his Battle of the Books reading.  The goal I set was 1 chapter = 1 punch.  This broke down the reading into smaller increments that felt more do-able to him.  And he was off and reading right after I gave him his punch card!

And these cards don't need to be limited to just the kiddos.  You could use a card to track family reading time.  Or you could give mom and dad their own cards.  There is no better way to encourage reading in your children, than to model it for them!  So grab your own punch card and keep it in a prominent place for your little ones to see how your doing in meeting your reading goals. 

I am toying with what type of reward I want to give for each completed punch card.  One option I am considering is money.  Just a dollar or two for each card - WITH the stipulation that the money is designated for books only.   Another possibility along these lines, would be to say 3 completed punch cards = 1 new book of the child's choice.  But you can set your own incentive.  I'll have to talk to the Hubs before we establish a reasonable incentive for our family.
I hope these cards will encourage everyone in your household to read, read, read!

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