Friday, August 12, 2011

Ready to Play a Game!

As soon as the word "game" left my lips, they were lined up with smiles and ready to play!
We played Erase It today.  I love this game, because you play it at each players level on any subject!  Today we did it with our math facts.  For my Curly Girlie we used her doubles addition cards and her minus 1 cards.  For my Little Buddy we used his multiplication cards.  And for my Little Squirt we practiced his name, age, siblings names, etc.  

Didn't my Curly Girlie model this well!
Here's how it works:  I flash one child a card or ask them a question.  If they get it right, they get to draw an Erase It card from the box.  The cards have either a number on them or an eraser on them.  If they get a number they can keep drawing as many times as they choose.  But if they get and eraser, then they lose all the points for that turn.  They can stop anytime, as long as they didn't draw and eraser and keep the points they drew so far.

I track their points on a white board.  Like this:
In this case, my Curly Girlie had 62 points from previous turns.  She pulled out cards to total up to 29 points (the tally marks).  But then she pulled an Erase It card and lost those 29 points - but she kept the 62.  So I only had to erase my tally marks.  Our little white board worked great for this.  Once a card is pulled we don't put it back in the box.  And we play until all cards are used up - today we played 2 rounds!

Like I said, it's a great game because it works to review anything...math facts, history questions, vocab or spelling words, etc. And the kids don't all have to be on the same level to play together - you just ask them the questions that you would if working with them solo.
The kids had so much fun with this, it didn't even feel like we were working on Math.  And they were such a riot to watch.  It's funny to see which ones can't resist just drawing until they get an Erase It and which ones are more cautious!


  1. Looks like a great idea! Thanks for the link to your blog.

  2. Thanks! I hope you'll come see it again and again!