Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Favorite Books

I have started a list of our families favorite books (located on the right side of my blog).  This was a collaberative project.  And everybody had some input.  However, this is not a final list.  How can it be with books?  We always seem to find a new one that touches our hearts in a special way.  Not to mention, running accross an old favorite!  We truly love books at our house and never seem to have enough of them.  We fill our bags with every trip to the library. Our books shelf is full, yet we want more, more, more!  
I can't thank my wonderful husband enough for building me this great bookshelf.  It was part of a closet, but was kind of useless space since you couldn't have a double door due
to the slant of the ceiling.  So my loving
husband converted that useless space into a wonderful, deep built-in bookshelf - just for me!!!  It goes as deep as the closet, which is why all the books are in boxes.  Easier to shift around to find the books you want.  But as large as this shelf is, it's still not big enough - hence the row of books on the floor.  :)  And I know that we have many more favorites hidden somewhere on this shelf - or in someone's bedroom, maybe?  So we will continue to add to our list.

Feel free to join me on this endeavor of listing our favorite books and tell me some your family's favorites.  I'd love to hear from you!

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