Monday, October 24, 2011

Letter C Lapbook

I finally tried my hand at lapbooks!  I was toying with the idea of doing a lapbook with my kids, but unsure of what I wanted to do.  Unsure of when to do it, sense we can't keep up with our work as it is.  And just plain unsure of how to do a lapbook.   Well, at the same time I was fumbling with all of my Little Squirts letter activities; trying to figure out a better way to manage the papers.  Then it dawned on me to make him a letter lapbook!   So, I started right where we were, on letter C. 

I am using Letter of the Week by Confessions of a HomeschoolerAnd I think it turned out pretty well!  I stapled a smaller version of the counting caterpillar graphing booklet in the top left corner.  The bottom left is a pocket to hold puzzle pieces and other game pieces.  I glued the sizing chart to the middle and added another pocket on the right to hold those pieces. 

Any other papers that we have to manipulate or use up I kept loose and store inside the folded lapbook.  These include the lacing caterpillar, the pattern paper, a counting paper (that I use with magnet numbers on a cookie sheet), a cutting paper, etc. I also had the 2 build a caterpillar papers that were in here, but he glued one on the front of the lapbook and the other on the back. 

And the lacing caterpillar isn't just for lacing . . . my Little Squirt loved taking his caterpillar for a walk!

I am really pleased with how this first lapbook has turned out.  I will definitely try it again for our next letter.  It took a bit of time to piece it together, but have been happy to have everything together in one place, and neatly organized too!

So, here are a few other letter C activities that we did:

Drawing in shaving cream - C for cream.

We also made caterpillar necklaces - fruit loops strung on yarn and tied in a loop to make a necklace.  Nothing like having to work for their snack, but they had fun!

And my Little Squirt loves, loves, loves to cut.  So I gave him a big pile of scrap paper and he has cut to his heart's content this week!  I missed a picture of him doing this.  I considered taking a picture of the waste can to show his cutting work, but thought the better of it - lol!

Hooray for lapbooking!

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  1. That's so cute I love the lapbook! The fruitloop necklaces are darling too!

  2. I stumbled across your blog this morning and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. I'm new to homeschooling (starting now with preschool) after spending 4 years teaching public school. Your blog is so easy to read and organized in such a fashion that I know I'll keep checking back! Thanks for sharing your homeschool tale :)

  3. What a terrific learning experience- love it! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us on The Sunday Showcase